TALA Driving School Rates & Fees                                 

TALA DRIVING SCHOOL is the most reputable school in Virginia , and specifically in Prince William County . Our unique approach to teaching techniques, and efficient program structure makes TALA DRIVING SCHOOL an excellent choice for new drivers. Manassas Driving School , Princewilliam Driving School , manassas driving schools manassas va .
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TALA DRIVING SCHOOL, Proudly offers :

Excellent English Communication Skills  

No EXTRA CHARGE to drive everyday. Including ROAD TEST. 
Free Home Pick-Up Fully Insured, Licensed & Bonded.
DMV Certified Instructors and DMV approved curriculum.
NO WAITING LIST. Dual Control Vehicles.
Best Prices with Quality Instruction.
Punctual, Mature, Friendly, and Responsible Instructors.

Thanks for choosing TALA Driving School for your all driving needs, we proudly offer all services which DMV might require from you to achieve your goal and earn your driving license.
DMV Approved with Best Quality instructions GUARANTEED.

For teens (Under age of 18 years)

  • Behind The wheel instructions class . DMV Approved with Best Quality instructions GUARANTEED :

            - All of Manassas city , Manassas Park area and All of Bristow and Gainesville area residents $225

            - Most of Woodbridge , Nokesville and Haymarket residents $235


  • Driver Education classes Course consists of 36 periods of Driver's Education classroom instruction, at cost of $200


DMV Three time testing Failures Re-Examination Program

Driver's license applicants who fail the knowledge or behind-the-wheel examination three times after June 30, 2008 will be required to successfully complete the applicable knowledge or in-vehicle component of a driver education course before they can take the examination a fourth time.

  • If you fail the Computer based knowledge examination Three times you are required by the DMV to complete the Re-Examination program 8 periods one day class of Driver's manual classroom instruction at our GREAT price of $200


Students UNDER age of 18 years with the driver education certificate can take Re-Examination Driver Manual Course $200 (ONLY 2 Days Saturday or Sunday  9 AM to 1 Pm)

Students OVER age 18 years Re-examination 8 Periods of Driver Manual Course . $200 (ONLY 2 Days Saturday or Sunday  9 AM to 1 Pm ) 

Students UNDER age of 18 years Re-Examination 36 Periods of Driver Education $200 (ONLY Four Weekends,Saturday & Sunday 9 AM to 2 Pm )

  • Adults failing the DMV on the road driving test Three times you are required by the DMV to complete the on the road Re-Examination program 8 periods of behind the wheel driving instructions at our GREAT price of $350


  On the Road Basic driving lessons for New Drivers 

  •  Basic Driving lessons training  40 $/Hr
  • ( Package price 10 Hours $385 , optional Road test waiver additional $250
  • ( Package price 8 Hours $310 , optional Road test waiver additional $250)

"By choosing the package program with the road test waiver, the adult student will be issued an Adults Waiver Certification, which the student can provide to DMV to waive the 60 Days holding periods of the learner permit and the DMV final road skills test and will be issued a driver's license "


Driver Improvement Clinic Program / Defensive Driving safety course
( Every Saturday and Sunday 9 AM to 5 Pm )

Improve your driving record by earning 5 Positive points , Reduce your car insurance rate , court order , DMV order register for our DMV and Virginia Courts approved Driver Improvement Clinic.
Driver Improvement Clinic the Classroom $75 Click Here to Register 
Driver Improvement Clinic the ONLINE Course $75 Click here to Register 
 4-hour "Reckless/Aggressive Driver Course" the Classroom $75 Click Here to Register 

For your convenience you may choose to join : 

( One Day EVERY Saturday or Sunday 9 AM to 5 PM 


2 Days EVERY Saturday and Sunday 9 AM to 1 PM) 

( Walk-ins are welcomed , $75 Cash or Money orders only )